November 28, 2014

Christmas Wishlist - Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator

I wrote on Monday about 2015 diaries, and shared a few of my favourites. The thing is, I didn't share my ultimate favourite, because I haven't bought it yet although I'm madly in love with it. (Santa, it's on my wishlist, ok?*)

Meet the Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator. Isn't she beautiful?

This gorgeous planner is the brainchild of Nikki, a longtime online friend of mine, and founder of Bliss Inventive. She's just the sweetest and warmest soul, wrapped in a gorgeous exterior that can only be described as 'peacock-print'.

Now, here's why I am obsessing over this diary:
  • I recognise that a planner is simply a tool, not a solution. While I’m a HUGE fan of diarising, no planner is going to magically give me more time, make me more disciplined, or inject loads of energy into my life. I am the one who will use the planner as a tool to get more done.
  • I want a diary that gives me inspiration and productivity tools for both my professional and personal life.
  • I want something beautiful enough to leave out on the desk or kitchen table, and portable enough to take everywhere I go. I like a planner that I can lay flat, and not end up with a busted spine after a few months.
  • Granularity – I like to think in different ways at different times, so I need to see a day, a week and a month in one glance.
  • I always need some blank note pages that can get filled up with random plans and dreams, and I need quite a few of them
Now here's what the Daily Dream Creator contains:
  • Hardcover 2015 daily planner
  • Spiral bound
  • 2015 calendar at a glance
  • Monthly calendars with Australian holidays
  • 2015 dream brainstorming pages
  • Quarterly dream brainstorming pages
  • Monthly dream brainstorming pages
  • Daily scheduling pages

Is it just me, or does that cover everything I'm after? It probably covers everything you're after too. Nikki has thought of everything, and even includes astrology dates and individual inspirational quotes for every day, to really keep you chasing your dreams.

I adore this Daily Dream Creator, and can't wait to get my hot little hands on one.

How do you like to plan and achieve your dreams? Do you use a planner?

*Not sponsored, affliate-linked or anything financial. Just love a wonderful product by a beautiful soul. 

Don't forget, you can win a sweet little Christmas gift (a limited edition Glasshouse Candle) over here right now!

November 26, 2014

Christmas Wishlist Giveaway: Le Cabaret Glasshouse Candle for Christmas

Update: Giveaway now closed!

Congratulations Jennifer T!

I have emailed you, please contact me with your postal address within 7 days!

Remember how I shared my favourite scented candles recently? Well, this time I want to properly share, by actually giving one away!

(Confession: I can't really buy any more lovely candles until my candle cupboard has some room, so I'm actually being rather selfish...)

If you feel like a Christmas treat, follow the prompts below for your chance to win a Le Cabaret 350g (that's big) Glasshouse Candle!

Here's a little-known snippet about me, I've been trained in the art of detecting and appreciating fragrance by French perfumers as I used to manage a fragrance store in Brisbane. Unfortunately, I don't really have a nose for it, and can really only pick a handful of notes (usually my favourites, all tropical) from a scent. What a shame.

This is a super-romantic scent, heady and rich, and perfect for burning during an evening bath with a glass (or three) of champagne. It would make an amazing Christmas gift for the woman who really does have everything, and the beautifully-decorated jar will do double duty on the bathroom counter long after you've finished the candle!

What are you waiting for? All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post, telling me in 25 words or less:

What is your favourite fragrance family? Are you a fruity or a floral girl? Or perhaps you love the richness of oriental, gourmand or chypre fragrances?

Then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition is open now and closes Sunday 7 December 2014 at 11.59pm AEST.

November 24, 2014

The 9 best 2015 diaries to get your life in order

It goes without saying that Mondays are a drag. We all love to bitch and moan about them, but we love a new year! Why? It's so weird, they are exactly the same thing (a fresh start), but a new year brings a grander scale of freshness.

Both bring such possibilities and hope, I don't know why we get our knickers in such a knot about Mondays. I think my big 2015 New Year resolution will be to view every Monday with the optimism and productivity that we approach a new year with. What's yours?

To that end, I'm excited to be shopping for a diary for 2015. I love the way a new diary has no failures in it, no unchecked to-do lists, no missed opportunities. These are a few favourites I've discovered in my search, they come in all shapes and sizes and range from discreet florals to eye-catching purple python print. With one of these diaries, you need never miss an appointment again.

Luxurious and glamorous, with playful gold polka dots. I'm not normally a 'gold' girl, but that's what a new year is for... to try a new you, see what else you might like. This one is brilliant too, it's a 17 month diary, and started in August 2014, so you can start using it now!

Draw attention to your big year ahead with this standout diary. It's made of mock-python in a shade that nature never came up with, and I just love it! I think I'd like to get this one monogrammed, for the ultimate in glamorous organisation.

This sweet hardback diary makes a nice gift if you have anyone to buy for soon. Recipients get their name on the front, you can include a message on the back and it comes in two sizes.

Got fashion running through your veins? This Christian Lacroix diary is wild as can be, featuring vibrant jungle prints from the designer.

Another blingy one, this time from kikki.K. This one comes with both weekly and monthly planners, and a sheet of sweet stickers to personalise your pages.

Another genius 17 month diary, this Lilly Pulitzer date book comes with weekly and monthly calendar pages, dates to remember, sticker pages, elastic enclosure and notes. 

This hardcover diary is filled with valuable health information for women of all ages, and more importantly, funds from the same of this diary supports the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia research programs to help provide a brighter future for women with breast cancer and their families.

Whatever your goals or intentions are for the New Year, making them happen will require a little bit of soul-searching and a whole lot of planning and the 2015 MNB Diary will help you do just that. I used the 2014 MNB Diary this year, and am thrilled to see that next year's version is even better.

This diary is a classic example of Cath Kidson's practical but pretty products. With week listings on the left and a whole page for notes on the right and a plastic cover with pocket and popper closure, it's ideal for anyone with complex social arrangements – or busy family members – to manage.

How do you like to tackle your new year resolutions, or even your Monday resolutions? Any Monday motivation tips to share?