January 18, 2016

Hey 2016. What's new?

Nothing much, what's new with you?!

Seriously though, it's a New Year and that is awesome. I really enjoyed 2015, it took me a while to get into the swing of it and I tried a few things that didn't work out (not least of which was a new shampoo - ewww), but I ended up with a great balance of people, work and creativity in my life. And you can't ask for more than that.

This time last year, I was quietly nervous about trying a new job/contracting role, and whilst it didn't suit my current life season, I'm so glad I did. If I hadn't, I'd still be doing the same thing, working full-time in retail, missing out on weekends and holidays with my husband, family and friends.

This time last year, I was spending a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram trying to find the right 'look' for our home. I think we've started heading down the interior path that we both enjoy and are loving coming home to our house, which truly feels ours now.

This time last year, I was getting used to having a third 'person' in my relationship with BB, our new rescue pup Stevie. I talk about her all the time, and I'm constantly bombarding friends with Stevie photos via text message, and every time I share a photo of her on Instagram or Facebook, anyone who doesn't have pets says 'Oh, I've been thinking about adopting a pet sometime soon'! To those folks, I say Nike the Shizzle Outta It - just do it.

Adopting a pet is a great joy and a huge responsibility, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. There are lots of things you need to consider to make sure you make the right choice for you, your family and your lifestyle. For example, if you travel a lot and/or work long hours away from home like BB and I were doing for a while, it's probably not the right time for you to adopt. If you're planning a major lifestyle change, such as moving or a new baby, put your pet adoption plans on hold until things settle down in your life. Are you prepared to pay for everything your pet needs for the next 10 to 15 years? Food, pet supplies, grooming, and veterinary bills – it can easily add up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the pet (although we have pet insurance, and I would highly recommend it). I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but all these are reasons people give animals to shelters in the first place. So think long and hard.

If you can adopt though... I promise it'll be the best decision you ever make. Head to the RSPCA website to find out where the next great pop-up-adoption day will be near you.

So what else is new in 2016? Well, so far, not that much. I'm pretty thrilled that one of my favourite trends from years gone by has cycled back around again, and off-the-shoulder frocks and tops are everywhere.

Today I head back to my 'proper' work, although let me tell you retail is as serious a job as any other. But education admin is what I really love, and I'm excited to push the envelope and try new things with my equally-adventurous boss this year at school.
I hope that whatever you did over the Summer holiday break was great for you, and that you'll stick around through 2016 for more fun.