March 29, 2014

Instagram Inspiration: Folk to follow

Cheers to another awesome week coming and going, and double-cheers to Saturday!

Needing a little extra fabulous in your Instagram feed? Here are four that I love to follow, I hope you love their pics as much as I do.

Clockwise from top left: hulaseventy, pen_friend, citysage, instablonde

hulaseventy fills your feed with bright, warm retro-style pics. Think antique store windows, succulents and Santa Fe skies.

Australian graphic designer Sharna of pen_friend pours her heart onto paper, literally. Written words are given calligraphed feeling in these inspiration pics.

Nothing compares to a good Instagram still life, right? And citysage delivers just that. Anne Sage posts gorgeous, quirky and colourful moments - it always seems like she's just about to throw a party or host a brunch, and you'll wish you were invited!

instablonde is the hair, tan and summer vibe I want to possess year-round. You'll get massive lifestyle envy, but isn't that what Instagram is for?

Who are your fave Instagrammers?

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