September 08, 2014

Monday Manicures and fitting it all in

Mondays are my day off. They're a day when I should, by rights, cram in some serious laundry, write a few blog posts, bake lunchbox muffins/brownies, enjoy a mid-afternoon catch-up with a lovely friend who also - by virtue of working in retail - has Mondays off, and maybe whip around the house with the vacuum and steam mop after a weekend of relaxation. Perhaps read half a novel and get some sunbaking done, and also manage to prune back some palms or wash my car.

This rarely never happens. 

Today, I had all sorts of good intentions to rise and be dressed by 7am, get some washing on, load up my bag with interior design mags and my iPad and head to Bare, my favourite cafe to abuse their free wifi and write eleventy billion blog posts as well as return just as many emails that have been moved to my WRITE BACK OR ELSE folder... all by 10am.

What actually happened was that I rolled over and hit snooze because it was raining, then didn't get out of bed until 9, drank two cups of coffee at home, washed one small load of laundry, went to one appointment and came straight home, and painted my nails. That is all.

Yet, I'm exhausted and feel like I've had the busiest day. 

On the upside, my nails are making me happy.

CND Vinylux Lobster Roll, quality cuticle trimming all my own

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