January 10, 2015

Instagram Inspiration: Folk to follow

Hip hooray - the first work week of the year is done, and we've all earned our weekend, I'm sure!

Needing a little extra fabulous in your Instagram feed? Here are four that I love to follow, I hope you love their pics as much as I do.

Clockwise from top left: hilaryhrhodajessicadimmock, memoryweavergdax

Following rising supermodel Hilary Rhoda (@hilaryhrhoda) on Instagram is truly a double edged sword. On one hand, she's one of the most gorgeous women on Earth and always doing pretty interesting things. On the other, it is a constant reminder that I'm not Hilary Rhoda. Ah well.

Very simply, I love @jessicadimmock. She will add the beauty to your feed. An awesome photographer with a gorgeous eye and many a beautiful place to introduce you to.

Nothing compares to a good Instagram still life, right? And @memoryweaver delivers just that. Marcus Rodriguez is a web developer with a passion for photography, although he only joined Instagram last year. By the way, what's so excellent about Marcus is that he includes a detailed post with each series that contains handy tips and suggestions for fellow photographers. In a competitive world, it's great to find someone who has not only mastered photography but is also willing to share his tricks with the public.

You won't believe me, but @gdax is one tech-savvy monk. Gedun Wangchuk, a Buddhist monk living in Tibet, has such a tranquil Instagram account. Simply looking at his photos will put you in a state of peaceful reflection.

Who are your fave Instagrammers? Anyone amazing I should be following?

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