October 18, 2015

Glasshouse Candle Inji Mist - Cure Brain Cancer

Have you ever wanted to design your own beautiful candle? Who hasn't? I don't really need to though, because Glasshouse Fragrances have already created pretty much the perfect candle for me... their Montego Bay Coconut & Lime scent is on high rotation in this house. I still remember the moment that BB discovered how much Glasshouse candles cost, and did some quick maths to come up with the figure I was spending on candles every year. Oops.

Back to candle designing: on this week's episode of The Block (which I rarely watch, but still enjoy), the teams participated in a candle making challenge with Glasshouse Fragrances Co-Founder, Nicole Eckels. Western Australian sibling pair, Luke and Ebony won the challenge with their candle Inji Mist, inspired by Injidup Point, a surf break in the south-west of Western Australia and dedicated to their family friend who passed away from brain cancer. What a beautiful gesture.

Luke and Ebony with Nicole Eckels of Glasshouse Fragrances

The best part is that all Glasshouse Fragrances' profits from the sale of this candle will go to Ebony and Luke's chosen charity, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to support their mission to increase five-year survival for brain cancer patients. 

Stop and just think about that statistic for a moment. It's so not ok. I know people who are being hit very hard by the awful effects of brain cancer right now, and it ain't a walk in the park. It's debilitating and brings families to their knees. 

Do the right thing, and stock up on Glasshouse Inji Candles for gifts this Christmas, and get the warm and fuzzies when you think about the double-awesome good deed you're doing.

Do you watch The Block? And what sort of candle would you design if you had the opportunity?

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  1. I never ever watch The Block but this episode happened to catch me and I was interested in the scent making and glass blowing so I wanted to see how it turned out; then I happened to be in DJ's the next morning to see them being unpacked! Glasshouse are amazing. I've only bought them as gifts so far but I may have to treat myself soon . . .

    1. I don't often watch it either; but when I heard that the founder of Glasshouse was on, I had to check it out. I think you should DEFINITELY treat yourself to a gorgeous candle soon!

  2. I've always wanted to design a candle, I think one for breast cancer (they already have one) and one for the butterfly foundation...could have done fun designing both of these!

    1. I've always wanted to design one for Beyond Blue. It's a dream, and the first time I've put it out there. I'm moving it up on the vision board!


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