February 03, 2016

16 to try in 2016

Ahhhh January. You were but a fleeting visitor.

How are we already one-twelfth of the way through this year already? I can't even deal. Between working in retail over Christmas and New Year (which is the easiest way to make Summer disappear, let me assure you), a quick camping trip, then back to school, I feel like last month was really only been 10 days long. Gah!

In the spirit of making the most of 2016 (without making it my best year ever because CLICHE), I've come up with a list of 16 things I'd like to try, or if I've tried them - commit to them, during what remains of this year.

1. Handwrite a card/letter a month (starting in February, so 11 in total)

2. Learn a new skill from Udemy. Last year I tried Udemy for a few small programming courses, and actually really enjoyed learning this way. Any suggestions on something new I could learn that might be a little useful?

3. Listen to podcasts instead of the radio driving to and from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The drive to Lorna Jane is much longer than my quick trip to school, and I sometimes feel like listening to drivetime radio is killing braincells. There's only so much blatant sexist stereotyping (it's like the guy is always the funny one and the woman is the nagging one who knows nothing about sport - blah) that I can take for 90mins a day. I can highly recommend the new Sweet Teen Club podcast by Veggie Mama and Smaggle, because they're both sassy as all get out, and who doesn't love the thought of rehashing the excellent Sweet Valley High series with fresh eyes? Children of the 80's and 90's, this podcast is for you.

4. Visit a dairy and take a cheese-tasting course. Because my jeans aren't tight enough already.

5. Cook a three course meal once a month - and no, cheese can't be the entree or dessert!

6. File all the random photos on my computer and iPhone properly, because I can't find photos of Stevie when I want them!

7. Keep our houseplants alive (it's way harder than you think), and buy more houseplants. By the end of 2016, I'd like at least one in every room of the house!

8. Deal with my fear of toads a little better. Try to overcome it enough that I can deal with toad-related situations and not call my Mum if BB isn't home.

9. Find the best strapless bra ever. (This could be tricky, I don't think it exists. But I'm willing to search.)

10. Learn to meditate and practice it for ONE month without fail.

11. Write 100 blog posts, not necessarily for this blog, guest blogging might be awesome too.

12. Be an awesome best friend. If you don't know, my spunkrat bestie Peta of Trainee Mama is pregnant with twins, which means her 2 year old son Ned (one of my favourite humans ever, especially since he's now saying the words 'Love you') might be looking for some one-on-one time with an adult once the newbies (both girls!) arrive. I plan on being the best auntie and stealing him away for lots of Big Boy time while Peta settles into twin-mum mode. Also associated with this goal, pamper the heck outta Peta before the birth, too.

13. Give more compliments. And get better at receiving them.

14. I asked Brooke of Blonde Ambition if she had any bucket list ideas for me for the year, and she came up with 'Be the first in Australia to see the sunrise', which I absolutely LOVE! So I think there'll be a girl's road trip to Byron on the cards sometime soon!

15. Donate blood - I'm a reasonably regular plasma giver, but I'm really keen to stick it on the list so I don't forget.

16. Go to the drive-in. This is actually something B and I used to do occasionally when we lived in Brisbane and had a convertible; I think it'll be slightly less sexy in the ix35, but we'll give it a go!

There you have it - a list of 16 pretty cool things I want to get stuck into during 2016. Let's see what I can tick off!

Are you a Bucket List kinda person? Anything missing off here that I just HAVE to do?

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  1. I love your list. Have you tried the Smiling Mind app for mindfulness meditation? I love it and use it myself as well as with clients. I'm scheduled for my next plasma donation in a couple of weeks (my first this year). What are you studying?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun to me, especially the Byron Trip. x

  3. I love this! thanks so much for recommending us :)
    I also want to: each cheese, keep my houseplants alive and actually finish the two massive online courses I am doing at the moment.


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