March 14, 2016

If you're going to do something, do it right (or #viplife)

I've discovered that I'm a complete concert snob.

I love music, and gigs and festivals are always bound to make me get pumped up and create playlists to have on repeat until the date comes. But then the sun rises on the day of the concert, and I totally freak out. The mass of people, the weather uncertainty that comes with any outdoor event, and so many other things combine in my mind until my brain is a swirling mess of worst-case scenarios and all I want to do is go back to bed and hide under the doona.

Now, I've not always been like this. In fact a very large portion of my late teens and early twenties were spent chasing gigs - the bigger, the better. The thing is, I'm older and wiser now, and a lot more risk-averse. I like a solid, staid life with plenty of routine and only the occasional event or adventure to trip me up.

Based on this boring old Grown-up Katy's need for some semblance of order, in the last few years I have discovered a great way to have my concert and see it too... VIP baby!

After my husband bought us tickets to enjoy the Caloundra Music Festival in the Kings Club section a couple of years ago, I've developed quite the taste for standing on the side of the stage, or being in a Reserved Seating section with our own bar and gasp! clean toilets.

Throwback to #viplife with Trainee Mama and Pete Murray, because hanging at the Artist's Bar is where it's at.

I enjoyed another reminder of my highfalutin tastes on the weekend just gone when Brooke (of Blonde Ambition) took me as her date to see Bryan Adams at Sirromet Winery. Platinum seating, no less. (Her brother Michael was unable to use his birthday-gift tickets, so we got lucky!)

Hostess with the mostest, Brooke of Blonde Ambition. And I mean, really. You can't visit one of the most popular wineries in QLD without actually sampling the wine, amiright?

Ok, so my outfit photo isn't the best. I swear, I didn't wear a sign. (Although the emotional woman a row in front did, and MY WORD she was in love with Bryan. Cue tears.)

I actually wore Jag denim shorts, Mink kimono from Myer on SALE now), Lorna Jane tank, Adorne necklace, Sussan fedora and Spendless gumboots. (And those boots were SO comfy. Surprisingly!)

I love when my mildly-fashionable friends try to be all stylish. Pffft.

A Day on the Green also featured support acts The Superjesus and Baby Animals, and whilst we missed most of The Superjesus' set, I was MIGHTY impressed by Baby Animals. I always am. Suze DeMarchi can do no wrong, her vocals are outstanding, and she rocks tuxedo trousers like no other 52 year old woman on the planet.

All this to say that I can no longer schlep it at festivals and concerts, because there's something refreshing about not sharing my personal space with complete strangers, even if they do have the same taste in music as me.

So, who's got front row tickets to Chris Isaak, and nobody to go with? ;)

Seriously though, thanks for the invite Brooke - and Happy Belated Birthday Michael!


  1. Suze DeMarchi is 52???! That makes me feel old!! I agree with you - I'd only ever attend a festival in a VIP section these days. Too old for that shiz.

  2. Love your work on the VIP! I usually wait till concerts are sold out before deciding I really need to go and then complain about how I can't get ticket. Loving your buddy in the rain gear too. Bron x


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