October 09, 2016

What's on in Brisbane - Oktoberfest 2016 and WIN TICKETS TO OKTOBERFEST!

Oktoberfest Brisbane is Australia’s largest German Festival, and it is run by local German-Aussies with a passion for sharing their heritage to ensure an authentic experience. I've been to this before, and it's always a massive blast, with plenty for everyone to do, and definitely no cheesy 'beers and boobs' atmosphere.

Held over two weekends in October (7-9 and 14-16), Oktoberfest Brisbane is expected to be even bigger this year, as the festival celebrates the 500-year anniversary of the famous ‘Bayerische Reinheitsgebot’, the famous ‘Bavarian Purity Law’.

For 500 years, this law has limited the ingredients allowed to brew German beer to water, malt, hops and yeast. Fast forward to 2016, and the anniversary of this law means that ye olde German brewers were onto something clever - we're all chasing simple and pure food and drink!

Thousand of people hit Oktoberfest Brisbane every year to enjoy traditional German food, beers and wine, and experience authentic German culture. So grab your lederhosen and press your dirndl, and head to Brisbane Showgrounds for a festive day of German food and music. For more information, visit Oktoberfest Brisbane's website or Facebook page.

Now, here's the fun stuff - I'm giving away TWO double passes to Oktoberfest Brisbane (to be used over the weekend 14-16 October 2016), simply check out my Instagram or Facebook to find out how to enter!

*Double pass giveaway and all images courtesy Oktoberfest Brisbane, all opinions my own - I love this event!

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