July 21, 2014

One versatile shirt tunic

One of the easiest things to wear in my wardrobe are my collection of tunics. (And let's be honest. Easy is really all I'm looking for in a garment.)

Tunics have been around forever and have never really gone out of fashion. Teaming tunics with leggings is so perfect for the mild Winter days we get in Queensland - although I did wear this look a lot when I lived in New Zealand one Summer! Tunics offer a great way of elongating my short-ish torso while hiding unflattering areas. By that, I mean that it hides muffin top. Winning.

The good folk at Katies offered me a tunic to style a few ways, and I can see it becoming quite the transeasonal favourite!
I love the casual style of this tunic with the sleeves rolled up and a fedora thrown on - it's definitely an outfit I'd throw on for a relaxed weekend look.
Katies print tunic*; Katies seamed ponte pant; Target wedge sandals; French Connection fedora; Seed bracelets

I'm starting to plan my attack on Tasmania's chilly Winter - we're headed to Hobart in two weeks for a long weekend - and I've only got carry-on luggage allowance! I think this tunic, layered with a thermal t-shirt and leggings and this super-cute vest, will see me onto the plane, visiting the relatives, and out to dinner nicely. All I'll need to do is carry my coat, gloves and beanie and that's one outfit sorted. (That is some serious optimism speaking there - you guys know how much I don't like the cold. But the excitement of visiting a newborn baby niece should hopefully warm me up!)

Katies print tunic*; Katies seamed ponte pant; Piper faux fur gilet (similar here); Williams flat boots
(also.... why do I lean so much in photos?)

Katies are sharing the tunic love this week, with a fabulous competition aimed at sharing real styling ideas from real women. Head over to the Katies blog or Instagram to find out more, and upload your own tunic tricks for a chance to win your own tunic!

Do you layer up with tunics in Winter? How could I wear this cute piece in Summer? Suggestions please?

(And don't forget to check out tomorrow's blog post, I'll be giving away something wine-related and awesome!)

* gifted item - everything else my own (or as the fancy folk say 'stylist's own'. Ha!)


  1. Great choice, lady! Love the way you've styled it up with the faux fur vest.

    1. Thanks lovely - I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and choose the monotone print tunic instead of the beautiful coral one!

      I love how you've been wearing yours, definitely giving me some great ideas!

  2. Love this vest on you!! I don't think I can rock it but hey you definitely do! :)


  3. Loved that you've pushed yourself by not opting for your favourite coral! Both looks are fabulous - just like you xx

  4. Love how the vest is a different length to your tunic. Lovely style!

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