February 13, 2015

Ladies who lunch

I find it amusing when people assume that I don't work.

You'd be surprised at how often I get asked, 'So, you don't work at all?' Literally more often than not, when I meet new people, they think that I'm a lady of leisure.

I shouldn't be upset. I guess it means that I look well-rested, relaxed, and not at all stressed.

It probably also means that I spend a little too much time sharing my leisure activities on social media. I blame Trainee Mama.

Peta and rarely do anything together without at least one of us sharing a pic or three on Instagram. (But honestly, who's surprised when we've got this little kidlet with us, looking adorable and camera-ready all the time?)

Confession: the kid flew down this slide so fast that I didn't catch him and he bumped his head. We both giggled and he was fine.

Peta and I enjoyed a lovely lunch together on one of our mutual days off (we only have one or two of these a week), and met up with a local friend we'd met through Instagram.

Lunch was at One on La Balsa at Kawana, and it was the perfect place for a coffee, a meal (Peta's salad looked amazing!) and a sit in the sunshine. After a chat with Lara, Peta and I headed across the road to let Ned run some energy out in the park - and we managed to have a bit of a play too.

Caroline Morgan dress from Stella boutique in Mooloolaba, Target wedges (similar here), Jag belt, Rayban sunnies, Forever New earrings (similar here)

Playtime and coffee by the lovely Mooloolaba Harbour. I know we say it a lot, but how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place?! 

Do you ever get the chance to lunch with your girlfriends on a weekday? How decadent does it feel?!


  1. Gosh you look gorgeous!! Love that outfit!! Xxxx

  2. I'm forcing the ladies who lunch agenda on a few friends next month, thanks to a blog series I have coming up. It's really just an excuse for me to get out more but don't tell anyone. ;)

  3. I do lunch a good lunch with the gals. You look gorgeous and what an incredible spot for some time out xx

  4. I think everyone I know thinks I have a charmed life also - such is the curse of working from home. I've met Peta, Trainee Mama, at a FMS event last year, she's a genuinely lovely person! And she has GREAT GUNS!

  5. What a great outfit. It's so funny how working from home is perceived, especially after having children.

  6. I love the dress too! I work from home, which affords me wonderful flexibility and the ability to wear whatever the hell I want (read: gym gear) on days when I don't have meetings. This often misleads people into thinking I do nothing all day long. Then they see the bags under my eyes and all becomes clear. :)

  7. You look gorgeous as always! I recently was asked on social media if I worked from home... hahaha, I WISH!

  8. You look amazing Katy. Keep lunching on lovely. V x

  9. You look super duper! I've just booked brunch with some gorgeous girls for next week. Tres important to take time out for yourselves and to catch up x

  10. You look gorgeous lovely!! And Mr Ned is sooooo cute. I get this question too and it makes me lol so much, I figure I must only bother to 'gram and tweet the fun stuff. Pair that with a 24/7 job that means I just take a moment when I can and bam! Folks think you don't do very much at all!

  11. Looking FANTABULOUS!
    Oh, I'm always answering the question "So, what do you all day?" I hate it. When I'm in a particularly pissed off mood - I just respond with "Oh not much, usually I sit around and drink cocktails"
    My friend and I did do lunch a couple of weeks ago, and it was BLISS. We felt so fancy - a weekday lunch {with a glass of bubbles} - very decadent :)

  12. You look fabulous...loved seeing your pretty face in Kingscliff! xx


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