March 02, 2015

Too long between drinks

Hands-up who's a drinker out there? Yup, pretty much all of you (well, I hope - I can't imagine I've got much of a teetotaler audience).

I love a drink. And unfortunately, as I get older, 'a drink' is pretty much as much as I can handle.

I went out for a long overdue girl's night with my bestie on the weekend, and lo and behold, got completely off-chops, rotten, smashed. I blame the combination of not enough food that day, and a couple of poor beverage choices. (To be honest, there weren't that many good choices.)

This girl. She really truly makes me laugh, and she makes a hangover worth it. Unless you're a mother though, don't read her latest blog post. Ugh.

The night started with a gross combination of lazily-made and slightly bitter espresso martini for Trainee Mama, sickly-sweet lychee martini for me, then a terrible bottle of vinegar masquerading as an over-priced Sav Blanc. I should've known that bartenders weren't going to be my friend when my first drink of the night arrived without the fresh lychee garnishes that the Hen's party at the table next to us received. How rude.

'Scuse the gigantor forehead. These snaps were taken after martinis and bad wine. I'm surprised they're even in focus.
I wore Witchery high-neck dress, coral Samantha Wills earrings (my faves, from Trainee Mama), and good old sturdy Target wedges. You'll have to trust me on the description, because neither of us remembered to snap an outfit photo.

I'll spare you the finer details, but we actually had a blast. We were on a bit of a hunt for a decent guitarist (didn't find one), a good atmosphere for peoplewatching, and a dancefloor. We finally got our groove on at the Surf Club (yes, it's divorcee central, but no dirty old men hit on us) and danced for 40 mins before heading home. Party animals we are not.

Waking up on Sunday morning, I felt horrendous and also slightly surprised that I even woke up at all. I couldn't stomach a cup of tea, and had to pull up after just one Gingernut biscuit. I love tea and I love Gingernuts (by the packet). I put a biscuit in my mouth, gagged, and threw it out*. The tea likewise sat on the kitchen counter until the milk curdled and I poured it down the sink.

It was pretty much downhill from there. Sleep, bathroom, sleep, bathroom, and so it goes.

I spent this morning, puffy-faced and sweaty, hiding behind a detoxing green juice. Dear liver, forgive me.

Peta managed to look a little more glamorous than me doing the same thing this morning!

I now remember exactly why I don't go out often, and when I do, I offer to be designated driver. 

Anyone else get a little wild this weekend? Perhaps the #foxinheels attendees felt the way I did yesterday morning?!

*In case you were wondering, I did manage to stomach three Gingernuts by 8pm. Thank the biscuit gods.

I had SUCH good intentions of getting a cute outfit post out of this night out, but because we're neither committed style bloggers nor photographers, we both completely forget. Nevertheless, I'm linking up with Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday, so you can see what everyone else wore this weekend!


  1. Gods love you! Keeping it real babe!

    I don't drink much at all and have committed drinkers as my closest girlfriends. I understand your pain!

  2. I can totally understand a) things getting out of hand with your bestie and b) forgetting to take the outfit pics! I find it hard not to get over excited on a bestie night / girls night and sometimes that does end with a Sunday like yours. I attended Fox in Heels and wasn't too fresh on Sunday. A nap certainly helped! Must try the gingernuts next time :)

  3. Oh darling you poor thing...the excitement of the night leads us all into thinking we can consume copious amounts of alcohol without any penance to pay! There is ALWAYS a penance! xx

  4. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and looked gorgeous doing it. Rachel xx


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