March 10, 2015

Autumn (on my desktop at least)

One thing I always struggle with at this time of the year is the season change, or lack thereof.

Living in sunny Queensland means that whilst it's a bit of a year-round paradise, there is no noticeable transition to Autumn. We don't have many deciduous trees , and there isn't really a chill in the air until, oh mid-June!

Sometimes I channel Fall by baking and throwing a little more cinnamon around with abandon, but it's still a little too warm to even do that. And decorating with pumpkins is a definite no.

I thought maybe a new Autumn wallpaper for my phone or desktop could be the way to go, so I checked out the lovely work of illustrator Lisa Rupp. She's shared an autumn design right here, and you can find her full set of wallpaper freebies here. They're such sweet florals in pretty color palettes, there's at least one for every season.

Do you have obvious seasons where you live? Do you love it or not?

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  1. As a Queenslander, I feel the same way!! We don't really get massive season shifts do we? I LOVE summer and would have it all year if we could - but since the seasons must change, I do wish that they actually had more of a prominent change here. I'd love to live in the USA for a year - to experience 4 distinct seasons ;)
    Love your wallpaper.


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