June 29, 2015

Layering for Winter - Air Wick Life Scents review

We all know that Winter is about layering. I just got back from a week-long camping adventure with BB and Stevie, and the quantity of clothing I was wearing... well, let's just say that I'm surprised nobody hauled me back to be the statue in front of the Michelin building.

I'll share more about that trip soon, but in the meantime, I've been busy wearing pyjamas all day, drinking coffee and hot chocolate, and doing ALL THE LAUNDRY THAT EVER EXISTED. Have you ever tried to wash that campfire smell out of a cashmere sweater? HAVE YOU?

So, my laundry stinks. It smells like campfire and bush, and wet dog, and wet wool (I'm not sure which is worse). Quite good timing then to receive a sweet package of new Air Wick Life Scents products to review, don't you think? Definitely time to address the stank with some serious odour control systems, and Air Wick came to the rescue.

I do love a candle, but some of my candles are 'too fancy' to burn just because I'm having a big laundry day. Air freshening sprays are great and always work, but I'm always forgetting to actually SPRAY them! Trying Air Wick's new Life Scents Freshmatic could be the answer, particularly in often-musty rooms like our laundry.

The Freshmatic Kit came complete with everything you'll need; two AA batteries and a canister of scent are included along with the unit itself. I've gotta say, the first thing I liked about this air freshener was that it didn't look clinical, and the neutral stone-looking surface was much more appealing than typical white air fresheners which look like they belong in a railway station bathroom.

So... the smell? Well, I gave the Winter Moments fragrance a go, and it was absolutely perfect for the grey and overcast day. They say it smells like baked pear, pie crust and vanilla; and they aren't far off. It was warm and rich, and smelt just like BB was baking a big buttery pear crumble in the kitchen. (Hint hint BB, feel free to actually do that.) That's where the layering of this blog post title comes in - the layering of the three scents was just so lovely, and stops the fragrance being cloying or smelling overwhelmingly artificial.

I actually loved this scent so much that I took the Freshmatic thingo out of the laundry and put it in the media room on the bookshelf, it completely blended in and I don't have to worry about burning candles on our beautiful mangowood bookshelf.

See it up there on the top right shelf? No? Perfect.

Since I took the Freshmatic out of the laundry, I needed something decent happening in the laundry fragrance-wise, something crisp and bright and not as edible-smelling. Something I can leave in here all the time to preempt smelly laundry day. Enter the Air Wick Life Scents Scented Oil Plug In thingo in Turquoise Oasis. And if the name Turquoise Oasis isn't enough to get you over the line, what about if I tell you that it smells like driftwood, sea spray and warm breeze? 

Again, you can hardly notice it plugged in the laundry above our washing machine.

BB (who has a nose like a bloodhound and isn't backwards in coming forwards if he hates a smell) didn't complain once about this fresher fragrance, and I noticed after less than 12 hours that the musty and campfire smell that was lingering in the laundry was completely gone!

Would I buy these Air Wick products? As usual, my review is all my own opinions. I received products to sample, but would purchase this product without hesitation, and am looking forward to trying more of the Life Scents range.

At any rate when you are in need of a way to freshen up your home quickly, or get rid of manky smells, I'm all for using Air Wick Life Scents products. I am planning to keep a supply on hand at all times that way I can grab them and plug them in whenever I am planning to entertain or have company over but don't have time to clean from top to bottom. Plug in, straighten the house and nobody will know the difference, they will think you spent the day cleaning. I won't tell if you won't!

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