June 15, 2015

Weekends don't need to be fancy to be excellent

How does that saying go? A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content? Well, how about a long weekend spent doing not much around the house brings a week of overdue laundry?

I've been lucky enough to enjoy two long weekends in a row - well, last weekend was a regular two day weekend, but due to my dropping a shift a week at Lorna Jane, I now get both Saturdays and Sundays off, like regular working people! And this past weekend was a divine three-day weekend that I got to spend with BB, doing lovely Wintery things, thanks to the Sunshine Coast Show holiday.

To be honest, the long weekend started pretty poorly. I wasn't feeling at all well when I got home from work on Thursday evening, even though BB text me this photo:

How I wasn't excited about receiving this text from BB as I counted down the last hour of work
before heading home on Thursday evening, I'll never know!

After a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and an early night, Friday dawned grey and cool. We shmoozed around with Stevie in the house for the morning before heading out for a coffee and perhaps a stroll around the local Homemaker Centre, looking for bedroom furniture inspiration. As often happens, we got pretty sidetracked and ended up buying an entire room for furniture... for the family room!

I've taken some before shots, and will blog about this room's transformation as we go - it's going to be quite the change. (On a sidenote, if you're near the Sunshine Coast and interested in buying a chocolate leather three-seater recliner couch and two recliners in excellent condition, shoot me an email - we'll need them out of the family room soon!)

The buying process at Oz Design Furniture actually took two days, with the whole 'must head home and measure up' thing; but both BB and I love the direction we've chosen for that room. It's currently a room with a big TV on one wall and a couch facing it, but we really want to make it more social and welcoming, more of a place for conversations and interactions, so we're getting two couches to face each other instead. We have a cosy media room as well, so it's going to be nice to have the family room less about the TV.

Sunday was another very relaxed day, but slightly more social - we met up with Trainee Mama and family for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea before heading up the range to enjoy a hearty lunch together at the Mary Cairncross Reserve Cafe - thank goodness there was a were blankets at each table and a large fireplace burning when we arrived, the cafe literally sits in the clouds!

I chose the toasted lamb wrap with shredded braised lamb shanks, sweet potato and beetroot ($14.95);

while BB decided on the chicken fajita ($17.95) - it was the largest fajita I've ever seen, he could hardly get his big man-hands around it!

Now, this ain't a restaurant review blog, but it must be said that the meals were incredibly filling and good value for money, and pretty darn tasty. It's a great space for a family get-together, and the blankets to tuck over your legs were a nice touch.

Peta and I obviously couldn't leave without an outfit photo, although a flat grey background was about all we could muster - remember, we were in the clouds!

I wore Dotti long-sleeve tee, French Connection vest and jeans, and brightened it all up with my Tangerine Louenhide Baby Switch and coral Oroton brolly

I was pretty toasty in my furry vest; I've had it a few years now but only pull it out once or twice a Winter. Peta was rocking a fluffy vest as well, and the husbos thought it was funny to joke that they had tweeted each other prior to meeting up this morning to arrange to wear matching hoodies. In hindsight, open-ish ballet flats were a bad idea, my feet were frozen and I was jealous of Peta in her Hunter wellies. (Note to self, keep an eye out for coral Hunters ever going on sale!)

Good times with these two, although I confess I was really only hugging Ned because he's like a little soft squidgy radiator, emanating heat. 

I think I've got back into the swing of having two days off with my husband pretty well, we're hoping more short camping trips are on the cards  over the next few months as well as more more local Sunday drives and exploring.

How was your weekend? Was it long? And did you manage to avoid all household chores like me?


  1. What a lovely weekend you guys had! I completely agree that weekends don't need to be fancy to enjoy. Once can have great weekends without spending much. My mom hosted a fun holiday party last weekend at local one of venues in NYC. Everyone enjoyed a lot over there!


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