May 27, 2014

Prints charming

I confess, I was slightly jealous when I returned from our cruise holiday and totally stalked checked out what my friends have been up to my absence. It seems as though I missed the SnS Print Challenge set by the divine Vanessa of Style and Shenanigans, and oh what a shame! I would've had SO much fun with this challenge... I mean, take a look at the prompts! Wardrobe heaven!

I have long loved prints, in all shapes, sizes and forms, and have trawled my outfit photo archive (which is Instagram, right) to find some of my favourite print ensembles to share. Unfortunately, I don't get the chance to wear most of my pretty prints these days, but I live in hope that I will score my dream education administration role one day and all my frocks and blazers will come out to play!

When the weather calls for a chunky Country Road knit, but your mood shouts TROPICAL... throw on a beautiful scarf, and add a Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot ring and Seafolly iPhone cover!

For slightly less Summery prints, but no less bright and cheery, check out Furbish for beautiful scarves (these are only $20)!

My lovely local friend Leonie of Verily does amazing work with prints and maxidresses!

Another Verily maxidress - this navy and teal colourway is one of my fave combos ever,
and the print is magic!

Look at all the prints. Look at them!
I was lucky enough to be Leonie's 'Buyer's Assistant' on a trip to some amazing fabric wholesalers last year, and learnt so much about the incredible world of prints. If you look closely, you might even recognise some of these pretty florals from the latest Verily collections.

I can vouch for the quality of all Leonie's pieces, she chooses her fabrics and cuts with real women in mind, plus she's an absolutely TOPS lady... even if she does have odd taste in models for her designs! ;)

Here are some recent Verily pieces, and on a real model too (you're welcome). Here's the gorgeous Carolyn Donovan (yep, I'm proud to call this glamour mama and author a friend of mine) modelling the heck outta these frocks!

While some of my prints are very fun and frivolous, others pack enough punch to make a statement at work. This is my go-to 'get shizz done' ensemble - navy print Jane Lamerton frock, red belt and earrings, navy blazer and ballet flats.

A classic long-sleeve Trenery tee gets a little more oomph mixing both thick and thin stripes.

I even wear stripes on the bottom - Emerson navy top and striped skirt, with turquoise neck party: turquoise rosary, turquoise chains, and turquoise and timber Tibetan mala.

Ok, I admit that it's a gratuitous photo of my favourite little guy*, but it's also a pretty decent photo of Ned and I rocking some matching stripes - my favourite print of all time!

See. I likey some print action. What's your fave print, folks? And did you join in the Style and Shenanigans Print Challenge?

In other news, I was lucky enough to meet up with one of my favourite ladies yesterday morning for a good ol' gossipy catch-up - the lovely Bev of Iris May Style. Oh boy, this woman makes me laugh. Having just returned from an, um, interesting cruise that we're still unsure of (shall recap in future blog posts, if I can be bothered), and receiving devastating news on our last day at sea about the passing of a dear friend, I really needed a good hug, and the kind of laughter that only comes when you don't care whether your companion thinks you look ugly while laughing and snorting. Thank goodness for friends like this.

The short version of what I'm trying to say is that a long while ago, when BB and I were just starting out, and getting to know each other (even though I knew the night that I met him that I wanted to marry the shizz outta him), we lived in a townhouse in Hawthorne, Brisbane.

A very close friend of BB's came to stay with us for a while, and during this time I grew to love him as a giant teddybear-ish big brother and friend. He loved BB and brought out all his best qualities, in fact he made everyone better when he was around. He was hilarious, smart, and knew way before BB and I did that we'd end up happily ever after. In fact, it was him living with us that drew us even closer together! And... he gave me the nickname Katy Potaty. I'd never been called that before by anyone, and soon BB and everyone I knew was calling me by this kooky little rhyming name.

This gentle giant passed away unexpectedly last week, and while it will take a long time to feel ok about it, I'm really really pleased that in a tiny way, he'll always live on in every single one of my social media handles.  If I ever thought about changing my online profile before, that thought will not surface again.

Katy Potaty forever. xox

*Wondering who that little man is? Well, you obviously don't follow me on Instagram, because I feature young Ned regularly. Meet the Nedster, the sweet son of my bff, Peta of Trainee Mama. Feel free to obsess over those chubby cheeks all you like. I do!

May 14, 2014

Sailing the high seas

I'm not here right now... I know, you can express your disappointment in the comment section below.

I'm sailing the seas on a Pacific cruise with my husband*, and shall be Internet and phone free for twelve whole days. I KNOW. I'm kinda nervous abut it too. I mean, I carry my phone or iPad around the house with me, I check my emails, Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day, and can't even tell you how often I refresh my Instagram feed. Staying connected is REALLY important to me, and one of the hardest parts of committing to going on this cruise was knowing how disconnected I will be. 

I would like to check in online during the cruise, but a combination of exorbitant wifi costs and the strong desire to see if I can manage the time without connection will most probably prevent that from happening. I certainly don't hold any misconceptions and don't for a moment think that the Internet can't function without me, so please, carry on posting awesomeness... I'll just check it all out later.

My iPad is coming with me, I'm hoping to write a little (or ideally a lot) whilst we're away, and will try to keep all photos in chronological order so I can overshare on Instagram when we are back on dry land. You're welcome.

*Please know that we have both a housesitter and a large, slightly ferocious dog minding our home while we're away, so don't get any ideas about raiding the fridge.

May 05, 2014

Mini-break mini-post

I enjoyed a beautiful little holiday at the very southern tip of the Gold Coast with my husband last week to celebrate our second anniversary, and it was perfect. Very relaxing, very chilled, very little mobile phone or social media use. Perfect.

A stroll around Coolangatta which ended up with me sending us in the wrong direction. Ooops! My knees were SO sore. 

Afternoon drinks and a relax at the Coolangatta Surf Lifesaving Club, looking north to Surfers Paradise.

Taking an elevator selfie, I managed to sneak in the front of his shoulder and the back of his head. 

Doing Dreamworld as adults was kinda fun (until The Claw turned my stomach to mush) and it was cute waiting in ride lines with him, getting nervous and excited!

The drive home warranted two EXCELLENT coffees from Kirra cafe, Kirramisu and got us through to Brisbane, where we stopped and rode the CityCat into Southbank for old times' sake! We do miss living in Brisbane, but we don't miss Brisbane prices! 

There you have it. Our very non-photographed four-day, three-night getaway to Coolangatta. Now to start planning for the BIG holiday, the Pacific cruise - only a week until departure!