June 26, 2014

Going Green

Am in LOVE with this amazing emerald chandelier from Eco Chic. In freaking LOVE.

Never mind that we don't have a single raised ceiling in our home for a chandelier, or that I can't imagine dusting the lights that we do have, let alone jumbo beaded ones that'll just attract dust bunnies the size of cars... it's just so fabulous!

Eco Chic are a lovely Australian company well-known for creating, finding and sharing homewares with a green element, and not just in colour. Both Paula and Cris run the company with passion and an eclectic stytle that showcases their interior design skills.

I know we've moved into what I call our 'forever home' (and that's not just because I can't bear the thought of moving again), but the next home we buy will have to have space for a way-out chandelier.

I really can't get this emerald lighting situation out of my head now... here are a few more that I quite fancy.

Maybe I'll satisfy my green craving with an extended Wicked playlist in the car on the way to work this morning. And then some sort of green smoothie.

PAH! As if. Almost tricked you there!

June 24, 2014

The Little Things

Right now, I am so in love with Winter. This doesn't happen often during the whole season. Usually I'll get one or two good weeks out of Winter before getting really. REALLY. OVER. IT.  I've told you all before, I'm not a cold-weather person.

One of the little things that is making the transition to cooler weather easier is the sweet, sweet scent of eucalyptus wool wash. Seriously.

Earth Choice Wool and Delicates Wash. Smells like FRESH.

I have always used wool wash on my, well... woollies; but when BB and I bought a bunch of beautiful new Sheridan bath towels during Myer's massive sale late last year, the lovely salewoman recommended that we wash them in wool wash. And now I'm addicted. Anything that gives me comfort and cosiness (blankets, sheets, doona covers, sweaters, leggings and socks) now gets washed in wool wash. I'm loving this Earth Choice Wool and Delicates Wash right now, it smells clean and crisp and is usually available for around $2 at Woolworths.

How about a handmade mini marquee light? Now THAT makes me happy. I don't have one (yet), but these gorgeous little marquee lights are high on my list of fabulous things for the home!
Bit adorable, eh? Fromage La Rue miniature marquee light.

The clever kids at Fromage La Rue were the first Aussie designers to create classic marquee letter and symbol lights, and they've now branched out into a smaller-size collection, called the Petite Vegas Boneyard range. Surely that cool name is all you need to put a smile on your dial!

These 30cm high statement pieces will be sure to sell out quickly, so the biggest problem might be choosing which one I want - I've been trying to decide for an hour now! I love the heart, it's sweet and lovely; but the cloud... surely it's the perfect nightlight?!

Follow Fromage La Rue on Instagram too, they really have a super-cute feed!

Last, but not least today... I've discovered my new favourite makeup primer. Arbonne Makeup Primer is the business. I have always struggled with putting lovely, expensive, high-quality foundation on my face, then checking out my foundation-less reflection in the mirror an hour later. For some reason, when I slap on my slap, it slides right off, no matter the primer I use. 

But not any more, hurrah! I tried the Arbonne Makeup Primer for a week, and adding this silky layer both helped smooth and fill my pores, and meant that I didn't need to touch up my face once during the day at work. That said, I'm not sure whether it would last distance during the sleek slickness of Summer, but I'm definitely going to give it a try. I received my Arbonne samples courtesy of a local Arbonne consultant, Victoria.

So far, this is the only primer I've found that works. Fingers crossed that it can do the job during Summer too!

Anyone else found an amazing primer lately? Some sort of bricklaying grout to help your foundation stay put? Any and all suggestions are gratefully appreciated.

June 16, 2014

Local find: the field of glow

When Peta text me to say that she noticed that a field just down the road from my house had excellent photo light at 7 in the morning, my first thought was 'You can enjoy that without me, love'.  Then I realised it'd been yonks since we'd snapped each other's outfit photos, and also it would be an excellent opportunity to snuggle Ned in his pyjamas one morning before work. So I said yes.

We arranged our rendezvous early one weekday morning, so Peta was wearing a cute work-appropriate outfit (you can see the pics here), but I figured that the internet has had just enough photos of me wearing Lorna Jane, so I would actually put on regular person clothes at 7am, then head home for a quick change into the lycra, then drive to work. Sensible, no?

I can see quite a few future outfit posts being shot at this location... it's doing glowy wonders for my not-so-Wintery-glowy skin!

Country Road sweater purchased last Winter (similar here) / Katies Uplifting Jeans / Country Road Brooklyn boots purchased last Winter (similar here) / FCUK scarf / Witchery beret

This is what we do when we have other things that we should be doing at 7am on weekdays. So yeah, you could say we're committed to this blogging business.

I like to dance when I'm awkwardly posing for outfit photos. It seems to loosen the photographer up. 

All pieces my own, nothing gifted, however I'm going to be collaborating with Katies very soon for some new-season outfit posts. And without giving too much info away... there will be wine.

June 10, 2014

Warm Winter weekend wear

Winter has arrived in South East Queensland. (Well, it's Winter for us. And we happen to think that a high of 21°C is pretty darn chilly, ok?)

Whilst Winter has many benefits - hot chocolate, snuggling and my husband's slow-cooked dinners, to name but a few - I really struggle to put together decent outfits in Winter. I love boots, but I don't have many pairs. I love jeans, but I don't love a lot of my jeans - they are never comfy enough for the whole day. And I have a mighty large collection of Winter hats, beanies and scarves, but I just can't seem to put them together without looking like I'm headed to the ski slopes.

You see, it's cold enough here right now for jeans and boots, but still gets warm enough during the day that I want to take jumpers and sweaters off. Annoying. 

This outfit is pretty perfect for Queensland's mild Winter days. A short sleeve Bonds sweater tee, and my new Uplifting Jeans from Katies*, paired with my all-time favourite ankle boots. Cosy enough, but I'm not going to need to add or strip layers through the day. 

These jeans are my new go-to jeans, I swear. Light and stretchy denim, and the perfect mid-wash to go with everything. Plus, the way they're darker down the inside and outside of the legs makes my legs look longer and slimmer. Optical illusion for the win!

Bonds sweater tee purchased last Winter (similar here) / Katies Uplifting Jeans / Country Road Brooklyn boots purchased last Winter (similar here) / DKNY watch (anniversary gift from lovely husband) / Target Limited Editions bracelet

*Nothing gifted, nothing sponsored, all my own purchased pieces. That said, I'm really excited to be collaborating with Katies in the future for some amazing outfit posts! Keep your eyes peeled, kids!

June 09, 2014

The Little Things

Sometimes one or two of the smallest things can make my whole day awesome. Whether it's a new beauty or bath product I find on sale at the supermarket, or my favourite tune popping up on shuffle when I start my car... these are the things that I want to share with you guys. And maybe, just maybe, I'll do it semi-regularly, like a good blogger would.

Yankee Candle Margarita Time / Home Secret

New cushions, Yankee candle and AWW delish dessert cookbook for $29.80,
all from Home SecretHopefully these newbies will keep my home feeling Summery for just a little longer!

While the calendar says that it's almost Winter, here in South East QLD we're appreciating a very unseasonal warm patch! Normally this time of year, we experience dry and mild days, but right now it's sunny with an average high of 25 degrees! The only thing is... it's still really dry, and my scaly skin is really showing the signs! I'm loving this Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Body Wash right now, it's SO strawberry-scented that it takes me right back to the mid-80's and my prized Strawberry Shortcake mini figurines. What? You're not old enough to remember these...? Go google it, younglings. They were AWESOME.

Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Body Wash / purchased at Woolworths

This is the perfect way for me to start my day, it's fresh and fruity and it granular enough to make me feel like I'm really scrubbing away the dirt and icky skin cells, but body-butter soft enough to feel luxe. 

And that's how easy it is to please me, folks. Surely that's not a bad thing?

What are your little pleasures? And how do you deal with dry Winter skin, I am so curious about what other people use!