September 19, 2015

Weekend Reading

I've officially survived my first full term at my school job. (I know, I know, I haven't really blogged about what I'm doing with two jobs, but if you follow me on Instagram, you'll pick it up pretty quickly. I work in a school, and also still at Lorna Jane casually.)

Ok, here are some great things on the internet for you to enjoy this weekend.
1. Here's a sweet post from Vicki over at Style on V, suggesting Five Little Ways to Spread a Little Kindness.

2. Completely in love. My go-to lippie of the last three months has been Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Grapefruit. I use this balm all the time - I'm definitely going to have to re-purchase soon, and with 3 for the price of 2 at Priceline at the moment, I'll try a few other shades in the range too.

3. Tell me, do you want the same thing as me from your blog reading? You want high wit, and low prices? Someone who would wear an amaze ballgown skirt with converse sneakers and a striped tee? Well get following Beth of Almost Posh. She's an Adelaidean with attitude, and she juggles the three big ones - work, her kidlet and blogging - well.

4. It's now almost October. Gah! I'm still searching for a little more inspiration for how best to keep my focus in 2015, and not get too sidetracked. More suggestions are welcome!

5. Trainee Mama (excellent blogger, cool mama, my bestie) is so different from me in so many ways. She's a gym instructor *insert grossed out emoji face here* and she really enjoys green smoothies *insert facepalm emoji here, oh wait, they don't have one yet* FACEPALM.

She wrote this week about a groovy little blend-y appliance with the bottle actually on the top, and was talking about some of her fave smoothie recipes on her Facebook page. If you're that way inclined, head over and check them out. If you're not, pour another dash of cream in your coffee and relax.

6. For those of you not into starting your day with a big ol' bunch of kale, these Apple Bacon Pancakes (let that sink in a moment) by Shay of Mix'n'Match Mama are the bee's knees. The cat's pyjamas. The ant's pants. Go cook them now for someone you love.

So happy weekend! I have huge plans to vacuum and get the media room ready for our new lounge that's being delivered. Then I'll mix and match cushions on it for seventeen hours. Huge plans, eh.

What about you? Discovered anything amazing cruising the internet lately? Good stuff I should read (that's not about Sam and Snez, or the #libspill)?

September 16, 2015

Anannasa kaftan love - the perfect pool coverup

Now that us Aussies are heading into a hopefully warm Spring and a definitely warm Summer, it's time to start thinking about swimwear season. This in itself is a whole minefield, especially because there seem to be a large proportion of people who are keen on actually working to get a bikini body prior to hitting the beach. I understand their thought processes, I really do... but to me, I have a bikini body. I own bikinis, and I will put them on my body. Voila!

Good on you if you love working out, I wish you the very best. I can't really bear it. It's not for me. I understand that it SHOULD be for me, but no way in hell will I wait until I have my dream lithe body before actually taking a dip in swimwear this Summer.

My biggest concerns through Summer should really be limited to keeping the patio fridge stocked with Sav Blanc (Trainee Mama never turns up empty-handed, which helps) and dipping my toe in the pool to see if it's actually warm enough to swim in yet. Most Queenslanders would say 'not until November', and I tend to agree; although my Tasmanian husband will take the icy plunge in the next few weeks, I'm sure of it.

Whilst I'm all for wearing whichever bathers you like, I feel the need to have a cover-up or kaftan ready every time I hop out of the pool. Even if you’re not sitting by the water, they're a great option for sunny summer days, especially if you choose a breezy, light fabric.

Friends who visit our place during Summer are often surprised that I've 'glammed up' for a casual or impromptu BBQ, but all I really do is throw on a kaftan or tunic with some fun accessories.


This super-breezy georgette style from Anannasa with a few sparkles and sequins around the neckline and cuffs will be a great lazy Summer afternoon choice as it gets warmer, thrown over swimmers with a straw fedora; or I can add skinny distressed white jeans, wedges and some extra bling to jazz it up and head out for cocktails somewhere by the beach.

Are you open to kaftans? Do you think they should stay poolside, or can they be glammed up?

*Fundana tunic-style kaftan gifted from Anannasa - thank you to the lovely Sher for adding such poolside glamour to my wardrobe, I can't wait to show you all the other Anannasa piece that arrived this week too!

I'll be linking up with Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday, so head over and see what infinitely more stylish folk than me have been wearing.

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