About Katy

Sunshine Coast life & style blogger. Travel, food, coffee & cocktail appreciator.

I am a thirty-something blogger based on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. With a lifelong passion for communicating through writing and sharing my (often strongly held and never held back) opinions, it was only natural that I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and decided to kick off my own blog in 2008.

Why do people call me Katy Potaty? And this blog? Why the heck is it called this?
A very close friend of BB's came to stay with us for a while when BB and I were just housemates (or housemates with benefits, if you wanna know the gritty truth!), and during this time I grew to love him as a giant teddybear-ish big brother and friend. He loved BB and brought out all his best qualities, in fact he made everyone better when he was around. He was hilarious, smart, and knew way before BB and I did that we'd end up happily ever after. In fact, it was him living with us that drew us even closer together! And... he gave me the nickname Katy Potaty. I'd never been called that before by anyone, and soon BB and everyone I knew was calling me by this kooky little rhyming name.

This gentle giant passed away unexpectedly a year or so ago, and while it will take a long time to feel ok about it, I'm really really pleased that in a tiny way, he'll always live on in every single one of my social media handles. If I ever thought about changing my online profile before, that thought will not surface again.

If you'd like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you! Share a recipe, invite me out for coffee, tell me a funny joke, ask for my postal address so you can send me newspaper clippings of awesome Darwinian stories, or just say hi.

You can email me at katypotatycupcake@gmail.com, like Katy Potaty on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.