February 21, 2017

KP and B do the GC

Most people know that I'm a passionate Sunshine Coaster, born and bred here and impatient with visitors to the area who may think of it as the second-rate sister to the older, gaudier Gold Coast. I rarely visit the GC as I know how lucky I am to have everything I need right here. But when my gorgeous mate Brooke of Blonde Ambition asked if I'd like to head south with her for a weekend, of course I decided to change that and take a fun trip to the Gold Coast!

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and I loaded up my car, kissed my husband goodbye and beat the Bruce Highway traffic to go meet up with Brooke after she finished her Pilates session. A quick hug and back into our separate cars - hers was too full of bike to fit me in - to cruise south on the surprisingly traffic-jam-free M1.

Our first stop was Harbour Town, Australia’s largest outlet shopping centre. Brooke and I were super-excited to include Harbour Town in our GC itinerary as we'd heard about the Premium Mall which had opened in May 2016, with Kate Spade New York, Furla, Michael Kors, Coach, Oroton and other high-end retailers. Did we mention Kate Spade New York? (Hello, my name is Katy, and I'm a Kate Spade-oholic.)

The outlet stores offer anywhere from 30 to 70% off sales everyday, so we were even more delighted when the Harbour Town team generously offered us a gift card each to help us splurge a little. After cutting a few laps of the Centre to make sure we weren't missing any must-haves, we shopped our socks off and I'm now the delighted owner of this Kate Spade tote, along with one of her gorgeous idiom bangles too! My tip to the wise... don't accompany Brooke to a Kate Spade store without a good book and a pair of headphones, her indecision is becoming legendary.

Happily, this was the Kate Spade New York tote* that I was eyeing off when we traveled through Singapore Airport last year, and now she's mine!

 Harbour Town also has a dedicated Tourism Lounge which offers complimentary services including tea and coffee (free coffee AND outlet shopping? sweeeeet) and a free tourist-only shuttle bus every Tuesday to Saturday. The only problem I can imagine is that you might buy too much to cart back to your hotel on the bus!

We packed our new goodies in our cars and drove to our home for the evening, QT Gold Coast. This was my first time staying at a QT Hotel after lusting over the Port Douglas hotel on my last few trips north, and I was suitably impressed with the much-anticipated 'fun factor'.

QT Gold Coast is a retro-lovers dream with midcentury decor and colourful surf-inspired artworks, and quirks like a giant Connect 4 set by the astroturfed pool lawn. Level 1 houses the restaurant and QT Spa, while the ground level is home to spacious reception, cocktail bar and cafe areas, and a split-level loungeroom reminiscent of the Brady Bunch which is used to host their high teas (aptly named Qteas).

We dumped our shopping and overnight bags on our beds, and immediately went down to the pool deck to try a few cocktails. Brooke had previously stayed at QT Gold Coast and had a favourite tipple so didn't require a menu, but I was torn between a couple, so of course tried them both!

I'm sure you'll agree when I say it ain't a tropical holiday without a tiki drink, and this Mexican Tiki Punch with lashings of Guava, Pineapple and Coconut was a tropical treat!

After a few drinks, it was back upstairs to change into our brightest frocks and head a few blocks south to Cavill Avenue, where we'd been invited to check out a Summer fashion parade at Soul Boardwalk. The mall was jumping, and the show's DJ had us toe tapping, so after the fashion show, we nipped along the Esplanade to Sandbar, a recent addition to Surfers Paradise's share-plate restaurant scene. Because we're both complete party animals ready to whoop it up on the GC, our next move was back to the hotel to crank the air-conditioning, jump into our beds at 7.30pm and watch Nicolas Cage in National Treasure. Like I said, we're wild like that.

For the evening's festivities I wore this fun neon SheIn OTS frock with tan NiKKi heels (I won these through a recent Styling You/Frankie4 competition!) and a gorgeous beaded Sana Clutch*.

The next morning, we spent some quality time aquainting ourselves with the impressive breakfast buffet (Brooke enjoyed a softserve icecream with breakfast... really) before we packed up, headed downstairs and gave the Connect 4 set a quick workout and then checked out of QT.

For a morning of cycling in the sea breeze, I prepared poorly and wore this breezy Piper frock, Target slides, Malani Co fringe earrings and my super-fun Potaty Miss London clutch from Miss Monogram.

Brooke had mentioned taking her new bike down the Gold Coast for our weekend away and enjoying a pleasant cycle along the beachfront, but I'm firmly of the opinion that bikes are for people who enjoy wearing lycra and have a much less sensitive butt than I. I mean, there’s not much joy in panting and gasping, is there?

I thought I'd be the clever one and contacted the crew at Crooze Electric Bicycles at Broadbeach to see if they would be able to help with my 'I want to cycle along the beach but not get hot and sweaty' conundrum, and they generously came to the party, loaning me one of their super-cool Noosa electric bikes. (FYI they both hire and sell their cruisers, so you can definitely try before you buy!) Now when I say electric bike, I mean a bicycle that can be pedaled, with options to add a power boost from a discreet electric motor, not a scooter. Obviously I wanted to be able to pedal A LITTLE, in case we rode past cool cycling people who would mock me whizzing by with no effort at all!

Let's clear a few things up - I am a very reluctant cycler, I don't feel comfortable riding my old clunker ladies' mountain bike around the footpaths of my quiet suburb, let alone hitting the streets. But something about being shown the gadgets and gizmos on the Noosa cruiser got me excited, I donned a bright pink camo helmet and off I zipped. Electric bikes are now so technologically advanced and quiet that not even Brooke knew when I was pedalling and when I was nudging the throttle. Sneaky - I like it.
The Noosa cruiser is a super-cute step-through style, which makes it easy to ride while wearing a frock. Seriously!

See - frocking awesome!

(Sidenote: I got home from my weekend away, waxed lyrical to my husband about how much I enjoyed riding the Noosa cruiser and he's decided that we're driving down to the Gold Coast this week to trial them together - a Noosa cruiser for me, and for him, the manlier-looking Cooly electric bike; and then maybe bring a couple home! He loves to cycle, but I'm always letting him down and slowing him down, so this could be the coolest-looking compromise ever!)
Seriously, this was the coolest and cruisiest ride ever. Thanks Crooze team!

We tootled to Mermaid Beach and then along Millionaires Row and Hedges Avenue, real estate shopping and dreaming of the luxurious mansions we could own if we just, you know, knuckled down and saved a bit more, then stopped at BSKT Cafe at Nobby's to drink ALL THE COLD THINGS before turning around to cycle the 4.2km back to Crooze at Broadbeach. That's right, we cycled 8.4km, and I wasn't even puffed.

The cutest little exhausted Brooke that you ever did see!

It'd been a big morning so it was time for a light lunch and more cold drinks at Beaches Off Tedder before a big hug with Brooke and back into our cars to hit the M1 and drive home. I managed to miss a bunch of storms and any dramatic Sunday afternoon traffic, which was quite the win too!

It was a smashing way to spend a weekend with one of my best mates, and I'm definitely looking forward to going down to the Goldie again this week to enjoy a ride along the beach with my husband!

I don't know if I'm ready to kick my bias against the Gold Coast to the kerb just yet, but I've certainly seem an unexpected and more family-friendly side of the region now! Anyone for a game of giant Connect 4 and Tiki cocktails?

*Kindly gifted, and only shared here because I love it!


  1. What a fun weekend! Love your new tote, the QT is my fave place to stay on the GC and your bike situation is genius!!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time Katy. Makes me super homesick...... P.S.Your earring collection is to die for!

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