November 17, 2015

Adding to my sunglasses wardrobe - iCare Eyewear sunnies

I have lost count of how many pairs of sunglasses I have owned, then somehow destroyed. Whether they get scratched because I throw them into my jumbo handbag along with keys and pens and bobby pins; or if it's because I fold them into my shirt collar, bend over and then they drop out and hit the ground lens-first... I can't even.

It is with great trepidation that I buy expensive sunnies.

I used to be a bit of a label snob. I was very conscious of what brands I was wearing; but now, a little older, wiser and with a mortgage, my priority is on style over high price. I mean, I am pretty sure I was one of the first under 40's to get passionate about Katies' great versions of more expensive fashions, and I have never shied away from a Target or Kmart clearance sale!

So you can understand why I'm now pretty keen to have stylish, yet not expensive sunglasses. I have one killer pair of unisex Ray-Ban aviators (which I totally stole from my husband and never plan on returning), and the rest of my spec wardrobe - totally a thing - is filled with cute, yet not irreplaceable sunnies.

Let me tell you that over two months after first wear, I can say that in addition to being ontrend styles, my three pairs of iCare Eyewear sunglasses are very durable. They’ve survived my rough handling and have come out unscathed. My metal-framed aviator pair were even accidentally dropped down half a flight of stadium stairs at work and kicked further when I tried to catch them (how am I even that clumsy), yet are still intact and look good. And they are cute.

For those unfamiliar with iCare Eyewear, these are stylish sunglasses for just about everyone, including babies and kids. They come in a range of styles and and are perfect for adventurous folks who have a tendency to destroy sunnies at a rate not conducive to a $299 price tag! With sturdy non-toxic plastic frames and strong lenses, these glasses are solid and come with a cleaning cloth case.

And if you're all practical and stuff, and not just about looks, iCare Eyewear sunglasses also exceed Australian standards for protective eyewear. That's nice to know.

If you want to check them out in person, head to the iCare website where you can find your closest pharmacy which stocks the range. 

Honestly, while I'd love a junkload of different fancy and expensive sunnies if they were bought for me with someone else's money, I'm so happy to have a few cheap and cheerful options which really do the job. I mean, I've got a pair in my work bag, a pair in my clutch, a couple stashed in my car, and I'm sunglassed up and set to go!

Are you a perennial sunglass loser/destroyer? Any hot tips for me to be able to make mine last longer?

And stay tuned, I'll be giving away all three styles of iCare sunglasses in the coming weeks!

*iCare sunnies gifted - all opinions and lack of care taken with sunglasses my own.

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  1. My last pair of good designer sunnies were eventually destroyed thanks to the toddler (to be fair, it did take her a good two years to do it) and as yet I haven't moved past the old $8 Kmart specials . . . as a chronic pinhead who finds it difficult to find sunnies to suit, they have an excellent range and I don't have to freak out about replacing them in their special designer box which takes up half my handbag!

  2. Those sunglasses sound so sturdy for the price, and they look great! :)

    I used to be all about the cheap glasses as I broke them so often, then I splurged on one designer pair and I managed to take care of them for years! I still have a collection of cheap and cheerful ones, but my Raybans are my go-to, especially when driving as they are polarised.

  3. I'm a sunnies destroyer from way back! I only buy pairs under $50 these days cos they either get lost, smashed or scratched. My latest pair is a beautiful Quay Australia pair I got from Pure Moda for only $50 and they're so glam.

  4. Mine are prescription and I can't see to drive without 'em, and they were shitfully expensive so I am stupid careful with 'em. I wear on my head or slide 'em into a soft case before I throw 'em into my bag. I had my last pair for 5 years. Hope these prove to be a long suffering.


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