April 17, 2016

Sunshine Coast High Tea at the Silva Spoon, Cotton Tree

I'm sure that most of my lovely readers will know by now that my bestie Peta of Trainee Mama is pregnant with twins. She's already done the baby shower thing prior to giving birth to her son (and my fave squidgy human) Ned, so when I asked what she'd like to do to celebrate the twins' impeding arrival, I wasn't sure if she was up for a big ol' styled-dessert-table situation with nappy games and all that jazz.

Fortunately, Peta is of the less-is-more attitude when celebrating, and she's particularly not keen on any kind of party where someone has to slave over stoves and tidy up and clean up afterwards. (See why I like her so much?) She suggested just a girl's day out, something where we could just turn up, have a little fun, then head home for naps and Netflix.

Enter The Silva Spoon. Thanks to Facebook and the wonders of social media, I recently won a giveaway on Mrs Tink's blog, and my prize would make an EXCELLENT mini-baby-shower event - a High Tea for Two at Silva Spoon in Cotton Tree.

A sunny Saturday before my crazy month of travel commences and before Peta gets too close to her due date was the perfect chance for a ladies day out, and BB was away at a Bachelor party on the Gold Coast too, which made for a very girly weekend for me! After going for a long walk with BB and Stevie in the morning, then seeing my husband off (with stern words to STAY SAFE), I had a little time to change into my dress.

Dress (similar White Haven Emporium), Siren heels, Target straw and silver clutch (a few seasons old)

I picked Peta up from her temporary home (an apartment overlooking Maroochy River, check out her current reno and moving story here), and then it was time for tea…

This was my first high tea and I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be as filling as it was!

We sat down at our Reserved table for two, beautifully set with Cristina Re tableware, and perused the tea menu. 

After asking a few questions (because I definitely have more experience drinking coffee than tea), we chose the Irish Breakfast tea and a Matcha Latte. 

Is it just me, or is serving two tiny portions of food WAY more appealing than one larger portion?

Peta and I had thought that we might need to head to a cafe for a sandwich on the way home, because the meal didn't look that big, but we were full before we'd finished our little cheesecakes and cupcakes!

Confession: I only ate the frosting! 

I had a really lovely and relaxing afternoon with Peta, and the whole no-washing-up thing at the end was brilliant. If I was in the business of taking my Mum out for tea-type situations, this would be the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Thanks to Mrs Tink for the great prize, I can highly recommend The Silva Spoon High Tea for a lovely afternoon on the Sunshine Coast.

This was my first High Tea, but it won't be my last. Tell me, where's your favourite High Tea?


  1. I LOVE a high tea and this looks gorgeous, as do you!

  2. It looks like I've missed out big time by never having eaten at a high tea!

  3. Fancy pants hotel high teas are my favourite, but I reckon this looks gorgeous. If I'm ever up that way on holiday, let's go!


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