February 24, 2014

Creating a new space for new inspiration

I'm over here... yoohoooooo!

Whilst I don't know that I'll ever close down my old blog, I feel like it's definitely time for a new look, a new direction, and new ideas. 

Social media is an ever-evolving thing, and its purpose and direction changes for each of us, quite often. For me, social media was originally a place which was designed to advertise a business, and quickly grew into a community for me. I love love LOVE the friends I've made through social media, and so many of them have become real-life friends in ways I never imagined.

This space will grow, change and evolve, but it's a little more user-friendly than my old blog, so hopefully I won't outgrow it in a hurry.

Maybe I'll even post a few recipes on this here little interwebs space. Ha!


  1. *waves*

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the new space.

    Hugs xoxo

    1. Hi lovely! I'm not too sure of the direction, but I guess we'll see what happens here!
      Thanks for always being so supportive of my funny little social media world!


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