April 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday - work wardrobe

I absolutely love seeing what people wear on a regular ol' day. I mean, I love a fancy red-carpet frock like it's nobody's business, but seeing how normal girls like me (I use normal quite subjectively here...!) put together cute outfits to do the same sort of stuff I do is my fave. Go to work, hang out with friends, head to the market and relax on the weekend, maybe have a dinner out with husband, the normal stuff.

The only problem is, since I started working in my current job, I've not really posted many wardrobe pics and I've been getting unreasonably jealous of those who do. I work in retail, you see. Women's activewear retail, to be precise. Ok, I work at Lorna Jane (pop in and say hi!) and I don't really know how I feel about sharing pics of me in my work gear. I see ladies who work in corporate environments and I get SO envious of their cute suits, but then I think... I don't ever have to wear stockings or heels, so life's pretty good.

I'm not a typical gym-bunny LJ girl; although knowing pretty much all the girls who work at Lorna Jane stores on the Sunshine Coast, there really isn't a typical LJ girl amongst us - we come in all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. The only thing we generally have in common is that we are super-bubbly, and love talking to women.

I'm a size 14-16 in most Australian brands, so sometimes feel a little uneasy wearing workout tights and slim-fitting tanks in public. But, the job has its benefits - after seeing a million and one women wearing Lorna Jane in just as many ways, I feel like I've finally (a year in) found my own style and am comfortable wearing most of my work clothes - and photographing them too!

We don't have to wear Lorna Jane to work, but I like to because I feel like customers can trust my opinions more if they can see that I love and wear a product myself. Most days I have a sort-of LJ uniform, and I'm trying to mix it up this season, but without much success.

I wear black (occasionally navy) tights, track pants or harem pants on the bottom; a slim-fitting tank or cotton printed tank on top, then layer with a vest or sleeveless jacket. On my feet, I used to wear sandals a lot (we work across the road from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so a barefoot lunch stroll is a MUST), but a recent change in dress standards means that moving forward, it's enclosed shoes only. Boo. It was great while it lasted. Now I wear sneakers, Converse or ballet flats every day, but standing all day means I can't wear the same shoes too often, I have to mix it up a bit.

LJ tights, layered tanks; Country Road ballet flats

LJ tights, tanks, jacket; FILA sneakers
(the gorgeous gym bag behind me isn't from LJ, it's from another activewear brand which I shall not name! I won it through the divine Ms Critique. She's a gem, go visit her!)

LJ tights, tank, sleeveless jacket; Converse sneakers; Goodie Jars juice jar

LJ tights, tank, sweater; Converse sneakers

LJ tights, tank, vest; Country Road ballet flats
With the lovely Fiona of Secrets, celebrating their 14th birthday with cupcakes!

LJ harem pants, tank, sweater; Holster sandals

LJ tights, tank, sleeveless vest; Witchery ballet flats; Lovisa bling

There you go. A bunch of pics showing my work wardrobe, which I never thought I'd post on here! The photos are as good as it gets - they're usually snapped first thing in the morning instore before we open, the selfie mirrors at work are MUCH better than at home!

Now, if you want to see more Wardrobe Wednesday folk, head over to Kimba Likes to check out what everyone else has been wearing this week. I can guarantee you'll find a little more glamour over there!


  1. Oh I wonder if I can get these items in New Zealand, they all look amazing! I find it really hard to buy workout pants that do not cling in the wrong places. I also find a lot of them stretch out in the ankle so I would love to be able to try some Lorna Jane stuff.

    1. I know LJ is opening some stores in NZ soon, Lauren! Keep an eye out!

      And they do ship internationally, I'd be happy to suggest some pieces which you'd love!

  2. You are such a cutie! Love all of these!

    I am a teacher and... well... it is not a suit kind of job either. Usually a 'typical' day involves glue or paint, playground duty and a hat, long walks through the school, and lots of lots of hugs and high-fives from lots of kids. It is not a neat as a pin kind of job, it is hands on and usually sweaty and tactile. So... when I go to work, I wear fairly basic pieces that are designed to be washed and worn over and over again. I would love to wear fancier things - but -then I couldn't teach the way I do.

    Great post. Keepin' it real!

    1. Thanks so much, hun! I know exactly how you feel, when I used to work in education, it felt impossible to look after my wardrobe, so I ran on just a few very simple outfits that could get messy and bounce back well!
      You always look so put together though!

  3. Love the off the shoulder top! Is it coral perchance?! Thanks for adding some sporty glamour to Wardrobe Wednesday xx

    1. How very astute of you, my dear Kim-Marie! Yup, it's a very bright orange-coral!

      Thanks for the lovely link-up, it's great to be included in such a styling group of girls!

  4. I LOVED this post Katy - I often pop on my workout gear in the morning hoping to sneak in a bit of exercise between kid wrangling and often end up wearing it all day long! I'm always looking for workout options that don't look too "gym" to wear everyday. Thanks for the inspo! x K

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Kate! I don't want to look like I"m off to a track meet, but I do love me some trackpants for comfort! xox

  5. Love everything. Inspiration galore for the fitness regime. V x

  6. You look gorgeous and I would totally trust you to sell me sports wear. I love Lorna Jane and own so much of it. They have great, fun pieces. Thanks for linking up. Rachel xx

  7. Not sure if my last comment went for moderation or just disappeared... happens to me a bit.

    Just said I wish I could fit into LJ. (I do have a LJ yoga mat though which I won!)

  8. Love your morning selfie's you look gorgeous! Mwah, xx


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