November 28, 2014

Christmas Wishlist - Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator

I wrote on Monday about 2015 diaries, and shared a few of my favourites. The thing is, I didn't share my ultimate favourite, because I haven't bought it yet although I'm madly in love with it. (Santa, it's on my wishlist, ok?*)

Meet the Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator. Isn't she beautiful?

This gorgeous planner is the brainchild of Nikki, a longtime online friend of mine, and founder of Bliss Inventive. She's just the sweetest and warmest soul, wrapped in a gorgeous exterior that can only be described as 'peacock-print'.

Now, here's why I am obsessing over this diary:
  • I recognise that a planner is simply a tool, not a solution. While I’m a HUGE fan of diarising, no planner is going to magically give me more time, make me more disciplined, or inject loads of energy into my life. I am the one who will use the planner as a tool to get more done.
  • I want a diary that gives me inspiration and productivity tools for both my professional and personal life.
  • I want something beautiful enough to leave out on the desk or kitchen table, and portable enough to take everywhere I go. I like a planner that I can lay flat, and not end up with a busted spine after a few months.
  • Granularity – I like to think in different ways at different times, so I need to see a day, a week and a month in one glance.
  • I always need some blank note pages that can get filled up with random plans and dreams, and I need quite a few of them
Now here's what the Daily Dream Creator contains:
  • Hardcover 2015 daily planner
  • Spiral bound
  • 2015 calendar at a glance
  • Monthly calendars with Australian holidays
  • 2015 dream brainstorming pages
  • Quarterly dream brainstorming pages
  • Monthly dream brainstorming pages
  • Daily scheduling pages

Is it just me, or does that cover everything I'm after? It probably covers everything you're after too. Nikki has thought of everything, and even includes astrology dates and individual inspirational quotes for every day, to really keep you chasing your dreams.

I adore this Daily Dream Creator, and can't wait to get my hot little hands on one.

How do you like to plan and achieve your dreams? Do you use a planner?

*Not sponsored, affliate-linked or anything financial. Just love a wonderful product by a beautiful soul. 

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  1. I NEED THIS!!!!!!! I think it's time for some hint-dropping to T...

  2. perfect, love the peacock cover too!

  3. I am in love with this planner, it's exactly what I've been searching for! Unfortunately I discovered and fell in love with it literally two days after it sold out, nooooo!! :(


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