November 24, 2014

The 9 best 2015 diaries to get your life in order

It goes without saying that Mondays are a drag. We all love to bitch and moan about them, but we love a new year! Why? It's so weird, they are exactly the same thing (a fresh start), but a new year brings a grander scale of freshness.

Both bring such possibilities and hope, I don't know why we get our knickers in such a knot about Mondays. I think my big 2015 New Year resolution will be to view every Monday with the optimism and productivity that we approach a new year with. What's yours?

To that end, I'm excited to be shopping for a diary for 2015. I love the way a new diary has no failures in it, no unchecked to-do lists, no missed opportunities. These are a few favourites I've discovered in my search, they come in all shapes and sizes and range from discreet florals to eye-catching purple python print. With one of these diaries, you need never miss an appointment again.

Luxurious and glamorous, with playful gold polka dots. I'm not normally a 'gold' girl, but that's what a new year is for... to try a new you, see what else you might like. This one is brilliant too, it's a 17 month diary, and started in August 2014, so you can start using it now!

Draw attention to your big year ahead with this standout diary. It's made of mock-python in a shade that nature never came up with, and I just love it! I think I'd like to get this one monogrammed, for the ultimate in glamorous organisation.

This sweet hardback diary makes a nice gift if you have anyone to buy for soon. Recipients get their name on the front, you can include a message on the back and it comes in two sizes.

Got fashion running through your veins? This Christian Lacroix diary is wild as can be, featuring vibrant jungle prints from the designer.

Another blingy one, this time from kikki.K. This one comes with both weekly and monthly planners, and a sheet of sweet stickers to personalise your pages.

Another genius 17 month diary, this Lilly Pulitzer date book comes with weekly and monthly calendar pages, dates to remember, sticker pages, elastic enclosure and notes. 

This hardcover diary is filled with valuable health information for women of all ages, and more importantly, funds from the same of this diary supports the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia research programs to help provide a brighter future for women with breast cancer and their families.

Whatever your goals or intentions are for the New Year, making them happen will require a little bit of soul-searching and a whole lot of planning and the 2015 MNB Diary will help you do just that. I used the 2014 MNB Diary this year, and am thrilled to see that next year's version is even better.

This diary is a classic example of Cath Kidson's practical but pretty products. With week listings on the left and a whole page for notes on the right and a plastic cover with pocket and popper closure, it's ideal for anyone with complex social arrangements – or busy family members – to manage.

How do you like to tackle your new year resolutions, or even your Monday resolutions? Any Monday motivation tips to share?


  1. Oh you are so right, we all complain about Monday's, but I might just take your lead and use the year to not complain about them and be more positive about them.

    I received a Kikki.K one for Christmas, and I'm in love with it. Hopefully it helps me stayed organized this year!


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