September 16, 2014

Happy First Anniversary, home!

Do you celebrate house anniversaries?

I think I will be pretty thrilled to sit back with a glass of wine tonight and celebrate one year of being in this home. It's the first house I've ever owned (BB owned property before we met), and it has become more of a home and sanctuary than I'd ever imagined.

Twelve months ago I got pretty damn excited on Instagram!
(Also, that blue fish art on the wall was gone within a week. We're not really fish folk.)

It's not enormous, and it's not tiny. It has three bedrooms, a roomy study, two bathrooms and a lovely big laundry. It has a large kitchen opening onto a dining room, a cosy media room, and every window in the house is covered with white timber plantation shutters. It has polished concrete floors which have become my favourite flooring ever, and it has a random purple wall in the guest room (which Anna might have to paint next time she visits).

It has a clean pool (thanks husband), roomy pool surrounds perfect for laying on beach towels or banana lounges, and enough palms and lush vegetation to make me feel like we could be living in a slightly more tropical climate than we do.

It has a double garage filled with BB's toys, and a walk-in wardrobe filled with mine. As the weather warms up and I potter a little in the garden, the small garden shed is kinda my zone too. The afore-mentioned banana lounges are stored in there, along with entertaining gear - plenty of folding chairs, pool toys and floating drinks coolers for the pool. My pruning stuff is in there too, I would like to spend a little time every single weekend in the garden this Spring and Summer, it really does make me happy to be productive.

Ok, so I also like to be outside supervising the gardening process too.

I've sat on the floor of almost every single room. I've laughed and cried and drunkenly-debated on the kitchen floor with one of my all-time favourite people, and I've laid on the carpet playing with Ned and one of my other besties.

That's how you do a housewarming, folks. 

This kid has started walking and messing up my house.
Fortunately he's that cute that I'll always forgive him.

BB and I spend our evenings together relaxing, and planning both small and large projects, and we've never communicated better. As a security-loving Cancerian, I can tell you now that there's nothing more comforting than home-ownership. If only I'd known the peace it would bring me, we would've done it years ago.

To my husband BB, Happy First Anniversary in our warm and welcoming home, and thank you for all the sacrifices you make so your wife can fill our home with pineapples. I promise I'll stop now. (That doesn't mean I'll reject pineapple gifts, people.)



  1. I totally agree - your home really does bring you peace and calm! Love that you've drunkenly laid on the kitchen floor!! xx

    1. It's the only way to experience your home fully, I say!

  2. Simply love this post. So nicely written. You're a keeper

    1. You go alright too, love.

      Thanks for being you. x

  3. This is possibly one of my all time favourite posts of yours.

    I love the ease of which you have (so beautifully I might add) written this post. It oozes the soft, home loving Cancarian that you are. xx Happy one-year homeiversary! xx

    1. You're so lovely, you brought a tear to my eye! It's so funny that you call me soft, because I hardly ever feel it, haha! xox

  4. Happy Home Anniversary my dear xxx

    1. Thank you darling girl, it's a wonderful feeling!


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