September 09, 2014

Yes, I have a seasonal candle wardrobe.

As the weather gets warmer, skirts get shorter, drinks become stronger, and I change my candles over. It's just how it is.

During Winter, I burn gourmand scents like Archipelago's Caramel (thanks to Anna for getting me addicted to that), and Glasshouse Fragrances' Tahaa (a delicious Vanilla Caramel that is to sweet to burn for more than an hour a day). They make me feel cosy and warm, and I like trying out new spicy fragrances too.

Now that we're starting to open the house up more, it's back to my trusty range of Summer scents. These are regulars in the Potaty house, and whilst BB has told me not to bring any more candles into the house until every last one is gone (what is up with that?), I actually don't often think about trying new ones during Spring or Summer.

Glasshouse Montego Bay - the original and the best Summer candle, in my humble opinion

Glasshouse's Montego Bay and Rio de Janeiro are all-time favourites, for evoking a tropical holiday even on cruddy Monday mornings before work, and I've recently tried a few Yankee Candles (props to Home Secret for stocking these are cheap-as-chips prices) in cocktail scents like Pina Colada and Margarita.

Archipelago Caramel - divine

Glasshouse Rio de Janeiro - think summer cocktail in a candle!
I'm currently pretty excitedly checking my mailbox, I recently won a new limited-edition Glasshouse Le Cabaret candle, and from what I've read, it could be the perfect transeasonal scent for me. It's rich and passionate, and has notes of violet; I shall let you know how I like it.

Once they're all finished, they are sweet storage jars.
(And hubby is mad on jars, so he actually doesn't mind my fancy candles so much!)

Do you have a favourite candle scent or brand? And are you as nuts fussy as me and like to change them up with the seasons?

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  1. Love love love Glasshouse Montego Bay. I can smell it as soon as I enter a household, even if it hasn't been lit ever. Smells like a delicious tropical beach holiday!


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