September 02, 2014

Spring green

Bright chartreuse green is one of my favorite colours, although I rarely wear it. I have a little of this vibrant colour splashed around the house because it suits the tropical bringing-the-outdoors-in vibe, but I don't have much in my wardrobe.

What better time of year to bring out the green than Spring? This lightweight Sussan cardigan I found in last Summer's sales will probably get some wear this year, but as it's such a statement colour, I fear I'll only pair it with black and white.

Sussan cardigan, Katies skirt (similar here), Metalicus tank (similar here),
Eb&Ive resin bracelet, French Connection sandals

Yup, I didn't really make the bed properly before snapping these photos in the bedroom. Probably could've straightened the cushions and fluffed the doona, and tidied the bedside table. But no. That would be too efficient.

I absolutely love this colour and the cardigan is super-comfy to throw on, but I am so unsure what else I'll wear it with. Maybe I could just lay it on my lovely tropical bedspread, that'll work.

I'm joining in with the Spring Fling over at Redcliffe Style and Kimba Likes today, make sure you drop by and say hi!

How else can I wear this cardigan as the weather warms up? Do you also love a colour that you just don't wear often enough?

(All my own pieces. Including and not limited to the messy bedroom.)


  1. Pity I didn't get to give you a spring hug yesterday - positively adore this colour on you...I also think it would fabulous with denim or white!
    Mwah xx

    1. Would definitely have loved that hug - next time, Gadget! xox

  2. Looks gorgeous Katy! That colour green suits you soooo much. Shannon x

  3. Great outfit! You look beautiful in green :)

  4. That's a nice shade of green indeed! I adore the sheets on your bed, so comfy and fresh! :)

    Found you via the linkup. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and social media? Pls let me know if you’re up for it :) xoxo

    Abby of

  5. Oh how fresh and pretty you look!

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday x

  6. Love chartreuse green, looks fab on you! Cmon Spring!!!! x


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